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Wellness and Academic Resources

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Written by: Chau Huynh

Navigating a degree amid COVID-19 can be a challenging experience. To ensure all students are aware of the current resources available, a short collection of activities accessible through the University of Ottawa has been listed below.


Academic Resources 

Wellness Activities, Services, and Groups

  • uOttawa Wellness: Drop by online to meet student mentors and peer educators at the uOttawa Wellness Lounge, or join a virtual wellness group (Mindful Roads, Goal-Setting Workshop, Art Therapy).

  • Pet Therapy: Attend a pet therapy session! Details for future events can be found here.

  • Wellness Resources: Here's a list of resources and applications from the uOttawa Health and wellness Centre.

  • Campus Activities: From virtual roundtables to Zumba, uOttawa hosts a selection of engaging events! Visit the uOttawa Campus Activities calendar for details on current and future events.

Workshops and Seminars


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